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A polished, modern industrial event space in the heart of Portland's Pearl District.

Perfect for weddings, social gatherings and corporate meetings.


A Few Highlights of Our Space

Includes catering by Artemis Foods


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Local Guide 2019

We held a 150 person conference here and to say things went PERFECT would be an understatement. Lauren and her team were so thorough and calm the entire time. They didn't skip a beat! The place is absolutely stunning and wide open, so you can really make it *your* event. We can't wait to hold another event there and with Lauren and her team. ALSO, Artemis Foods (the caterer) was PHENOMENAL!

Ann, 2021

This place is just absolutely amazing! You start with a blank slate and design the space to whatever you want it to be! Anything is possible and with Artemis Foods catering as an extra bonus you really don't need to worry about anything. Space, food and drink can all be organized in 1 space. What a brilliant idea and amazing time saver ❤️ And the patio is just a dream come true in the Summer, the possibilities are endless!

Danielle 2022

 Everett West is owned by Artemis Catering so you are required to use their catering services. […] Artemis takes care of you from start to finish […] We worked directly with the owner, Lauren, and she was very accommodating and provided so many great recommendations to ensure our party went smoothly. 

Amy, 2019

This place is amazing! It's a gorgeous Portland event space in a prime location. The decor, the central bar, and the lighting is fantastic. Their venue staff and catering team (Artemis) is a dream to work with! I'm definitely booking my next event at Everett West!
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