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Winter Cocktails

Thai Mule
Local vodka, lemongrass and Thai basil, lime juice, ginger beer
Spice Market
Local rye whiskey, turmeric, ginger, honey, black pepper, lemon juice
Take My Winter Blues Away
Clear Creek pear brandy, dry vermouth, chamomile, lemon, orange blossom water, seltzer
Wet Your Whistle
Ste Germaine elderflower liqueur, lime juice, local sparkling wine, bitters
Purple Haze
Local Krogstad aquavit, apple and beet juice, lime, caraway, horseradish
Tangerine Dream
Tequila, tangerine fennel shrub, grapefruit and lime, salted rim
I Dream of Coffee
Local bourbon, local coffee liqueur, brown sugar, aromatic and mole bitters, orange peel,

Bordeaux cherry
Rabbit Food
Local gin, salt and pepper, radish, dill, lime
Tropical Love Affair
Stiggin’s Fancy pineapple rum, passion fruit, campari, lime, demerara and allspice syrup


Temperance Treats
Tangerine Fennel Shrub
Bright tangerine citrus and earthy fennel balanced with sugar, vinegar, and seltzer
Fountain of Youth
Green tea, lemon, pomegranate molasses, ginger, cardamom, rose water, seltzer, mint
Pear Chamomile Shrub
Juicy pear, cooling chamomile, and citrus balanced with sugar, vinegar, and seltzer

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