Fall + Winter Cocktails | Everett West

Fall + Winter Cocktails

Maple Old Fashioned - whiskey, maple syrup, chocolate bitters, toasted orange

Everett Toddy - whiskey, lemon, honey, ginger, all spice, hot water

Winter Sour - whiskey, sour, cardamom simple syrup, pomegranate

The Great Pumpkin - pumpkin infused scotch, ginger liqueur, maple syrup, lemon, cinnamon

Apres Ski - brandy or whiskey, chai, apple butter

Collins - vodka or gin, lemon, simple syrup, soda, and choice of:

cranberry, pomegranate, pear, spiced apple, or black currant

Spiced Mule - vodka, spiced apple, chai, ginger beer

Sparkling Pear- vodka or gin, pear, spiced simple syrup, cardamom bitters, soda

The Resolution - gin, lemon, simple syrup, rosemary, sparkling

Cafe Noir - spiced rum, cold brew coffee syrup, amaro, orange liqueur

Jolly Juice - spiced rum, cider, hot water, cranberry, brown sugar, chai

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